Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a Quote

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".
Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, July 19, 2010

As I have gotten older I have tried to throw my pet peeves out the window. Trying to think the whole life is too short to let such trivial things bother you. However as I am sitting here trying to work, and yes trying is the key word here, I am reminded of a big pet peeve of mine: Hearing people eat. I don't want to hear chewing, swallowing, crunching, sucking, slurping, finger licking...ugh it is just gross. I understand that you are going to hear some of these noises when you are at the table with someone, it cannot always be helped, I know I make some of these noises (just because I am doing them does not make them any less gross). But I should not hear someone in the next cubicle...really people come on. Manners 101.
(I blame the crunching one on my sister, she could never stand it, and it has passed on to me)
My biggest peeve is that mainly. Here are just a couple more:
It drives me nuts when people wear sunglasses inside. I don't really need to expand on the whole the sun shines OUTSIDE thing.
I have some driving peezes but those are probably universal so I won't bother to expand on those.
There may be more, shoot I know there are more, but I will stop here. Reading about someone peeves may be a peeve to someone.
Why is it called a 'pet' peeve anyway.
**If the crunching does not stop I will go insane**

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back Again...Mabye

Well I spruced up the blog page a bit, added some bright colors in hopes that it may inspire me to come back and post. Will it work? We shall see.

I have given up on blogging about books. Although I only did it once, I didn't particluary like it. I wonder how I did on book reports when I was a kid. I suck at summarizing. I did however just read a very good book, "The Particluar Sadness of Lemon Cake" now if the title alone doesn't make you want to read it the story line should. A woman finds out at an early age that every food she eats she can feel the emotions of those that prepared it. It is by Aimee Bender. Very good!
That is it for now. Read the book and read my blog

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Worst Thing I've Done

I wonder if blogging about books is not such a good idea after all. I was thinking about whenever someone asks me about a book it takes me like an hour to talk about it...I am not good at summarizing I think. But I will try.
The book I am reading now is The Worst Thing I've Done, by Ursula Hegi. I am about half way through it and it is for sure one of those books that I will tell someone to read (unless it just takes an awful turn for the worse). I think I would describe it at this point as breathtakenly haunting.
It is written in a way that keeps you on your toes because it switches from past to present without giving you any forwarning. The authors writing style flows beautifully.
Okay now for trying to explain the story.
3 children grow up as neighbors, 2 boys one girl. One girl marries boy but all 3 stay friends (ah I am sure you are thinking well this does not sound original) Girl=Annie Boy=Mason Friend Boy=Jake.
Lets throw this into the pot. Annie's pregnant mother and father dies on her wedding night (remember she married Mason) Annie and Mason adopt the child. (Opal)
Okay so Mason also thought that there was some kind of connection with Annie and Jake (he was right...also un-original) He was always very jealous and making offhanded comments to the two. He was also always pissed that Jake was always happiest when he was with HIS family, that everything was laid out for him. Mason felt that he came second to Annie and Opal and Jake came first.
Okay so lets throw this into the mix. One night the 3 were in the sauna. Mason was on the two of them again about their longing for each other and told them to just go ahead and have sex with each other and than he will know that there is nothing between them (ok that really doesnt make sense) Well Annie was pissed and had enough of this. So she just jumps on Jake and they do it.
The next day Mason hangs himself.
Okay so let me also say, you find out that he hangs himself in the begining of the book. You are getting the rest of the story as you go along.
Annie is dealing with his death by driving and listening to talk radio. So far most of the story is in the past. Showing you the relationship that Annie and Mason had and the relationship all 3 of them had and then all 4 of them when Opal came into the mix. You learn about them as people.
I have a feeling I will be finishing this book tonight.
Okay so see I told you I am awful at this. I just re-read this and it is all over the place.
Anyway it is a good book. When I am done I am just going to tell you what I thought about it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Books books books books books

Well since I don't really keep up with blogging very well I thought I would try something different. I think I will start blogging about books. I read enough of them, may as well share my thoughts about them, even if they don't get read, it may be fun for me. I always wanted to join a book club and this will kinda be like a one woman book club, unless you happen to have read the book I am talking about.
Anyway I would like to start with how much I love books. Not just reading, but books themselves. Their smell, their weight, their feel. Weird? I love the act of picking out a book, taking my time (hopefully) looking through shelves and shelves of books, totally judging it based on the cover and author picture. Trying to figure out which one is worth my 15-20 bucks. A hard task, since soooo many are. The purchase and finally the take home. Curling up with a good book, or sneaking to the bathroom to get a few pages in, is my favorite me time thing. I love to eat and read too! Imagining the characters, location, weather, is all so wonderful.
So the book I am currently reading is not worthy of such blogging, so my next trip to Barnes N Nobles I will pick a winner and write about it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Thankful

It is only Tuesday yet the work week is almost over. Yes! This is okay by me, four day weekends are always welcomed. We are headed up to my parents for Thanksgiving; we have not been up there for awhile so we are looking forward to it. O is excited to see gaga and granddad! Since I am terrible at posting thought I would do a what I am thankful for post now. So here it goes….
I am thankful for my husband who has been my solid ground these last few months. Who is the person who has to listen most to my complaints but doesn’t complain himself just does what he can to make it better.
I am thankful for my mom and dad who have been a major support system, not just now but always. Without them it would well suck really and because of that I am thankful that for now I am where I am.
I am thankful for all of my family, there are plenty of people who have nobody and I am lucky to have so many somebody’s.
It goes without saying that I am thankful for my daughter. She keeps me in line and is truly a blessing.
I am thankful for friendship and the kind of laughter that makes you cry and want to pee your pants.
I am thankful for those who show me that humanity may stand a chance.
I am thankful for good days and when there are bad days that are physical I am thankful for drugs.
I am thankful for cool weather and breezes.
I am thankful for coffee and chocolate.
Really the list could go on and on but I will end it there!!
So here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Well another week has ended and I am just amazed at how quickly the week, month, and year has gone. It will be Christmas and the new year before I know it.
I have not posted in awhile although I have had a few things that I could have posted about.
Dan and I had a wonderful weekend at the Westin (anyone needing a nice get-a-way I would recommend the Westin) so big thanks to my folks! Actually that probably was the only good post. I have not been feeling very well and was in bad shape last week. This week has been good though so lets hope it lasts!!
So now I will do the fill-ins and than get back to work.
1. We need to appreciate all the we have and not worry with what we dont.
2.O gave me a big hug and said I wuv you mommy and it made me smile.
3. If you want it you have to work for it and get it.
.4. I am happy today because I feel good and I have to take it one day at a time!
5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think that there are alot better things to think about and I dont really care.
6. Family of course makes for a happy holiday.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out tomorrow my plans include oh I am sure a trip to the Merry Go Round or the Jump Zone Sunday, I want to maybe go out for breakfast and laze around!
Happy Friday Folks!!